Raw Material Sourcing

Arjuna, our parent firm, provides us with raw materials. The current sourcing technique is assisting in maintaining the highest quality standard at the lowest possible cost. This will assist in meeting the order on time and shortening the waiting duration. Batch-to-batch uniformity is attainable thanks to systematic sourcing.
We have a quality control system in place, to ensure that the raw material is sourced with utmost care. We make sure that we only provide high quality nutraceuticals, so you can always be sure of the highest quality product.
We supply the best quality of Organic Raw Materials for our products. By sourcing these raw materials from across India, we are making sure that our products are free from all kinds of chemical contamination.

Highly Advanced & Complete Innovative Facility

Livlong Nutraceuticals is located at “Arjuna Innovation Zone – AIZO ” the highly advanced innovative facility for phytochemistry, product development, pharmacokinetics, pilot production, formulation, and pre-clinical studies are available. Arjuna is also conducting Clinical Studies through CROs. The state-of-art laboratory of Arjuna (Livlong’s parent company) has been approved for in-house research by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Government of India since 2002. The laboratory has advanced high-tech equipment like LC MS-MS which facilitates mass-directed quantification and identification of molecules. Other high-tech pieces of equipment include HPLC with ELS Detector, GCMS, Preparative HPLC,
Flash Chromatograph, UPLC, HPLC, and FTIR, etc.

Contract Manufacturing

Livlong undertakes the complete product development process outsourcing needs of clients, including product packaging and labeling. Contract research and contract manufacturing outsourcing necessitate a solid infrastructure. Livlong has invested in cutting-edge technologies to meet this requirement. We have brought our factories up to speed with today’s best manufacturing practices. We are constantly working to improve our manufacturing facilities’ compliance with new foreign regulatory organisations such as the USFDA, the Medicines Control Council (South Africa), and others.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance team at Livlong is responsible for ensuring that all of the produced nutraceuticals meet the highest possible standards. They are committed to implementing various quality control processes and procedures, including:
– In-process testing—checking that all ingredients, components, and finished goods meet specifications.
– Raw material testing—testing finished goods using a variety of methods (e.g., visual inspection) to ensure that they are free of contaminants such as bacteria and fungus.
– Finished product testing—checking finished products for defects in appearance, taste, smell, etc.