Dear Sir,
Many many thanks for bringing such wonderful product “Losterol”. I ordered the same from you for my mother who is a diabetic. It not only kept her cardiac health normal but also helped her in sugar control. The best part is after she underwent Gall Bladder removal surgery, she was supposed to have some digestive discomfort but touch wood she never faced any since she was taking “Losterol”. I think the Amlamax content of the product is even good for overall well being of the person. I too started taking it – 1 cap twice a day. My acidity and constipation is history now. I came to know from your website that even you have changed the packaging of the product – even more attractive. I would like to order 6 bottles of Losterol . pls give me quote for the same. thanks and regards

Mr. Wasim Shaikh

i bought Livslim from you. An Excellent product!!! i almost lost 9.5 kgs in 2 months with Livslim alonwith diet and moderate excercise. thanks and keep up good works:

Prof R Nagaraja

Hello Sir,
A very good morning.
About requirement I will let you know shortly.
Use of the your product has resulted in lot of relief for people. I was having elevated choestrol level in the range 6:1 and i started using losterol and know it is back to normal. I am also using omegafish,Rhulief Plus and these products have helped in improving my health. Few people using your products have also expressed the same.

Rupali Jadhav

Dear Benny,
Thanks for Couriering the Curcumin Tablets. Just to share with You, My Mother who is 58 Yrs old was suffering from the Arthritis for past 3 yrs. She always used to experience joint pains and it was difficult for her to seat down/get up form the floor while doing house work. She used to get very much irritated because of it. She consulted 2-3 Allopathic doctor for the problem and but it gave her a temporary relief. The pain used to arise after a while and she was very much troubled because of the same. After our discussions on Curcumin and its health benefits I introduced Curcumin tablets to her (2 yr back) and she started feeling a difference within couple of days. She started feeling much easier to get up and sit down on the floor and she felt energetic in the morning because of the reduction in joint pains. She consumed 2 bottles of Curcumin tablets and stopped taking Curcumin for couple of months. Unfortunately she again started experiencing joint pains after 6-7 months again and she asked me to get Curcumin tablets. She feels very much secured with the Curcumin tablets as it is a natural product and also she has not experienced any side effects with these tablets which normally we experience with Allopathic medicines. She is ok now and she feels Curcumin tablets is the only remedy for her joint pain problem. She would now like to continue with tablets on a regular basis This experience also enlightened me with the Power of Mother Nature!. I wish you all the best for the wonderful work which is going on in LivLong Neutraceuticals! Best regards

Wilma Menon

I was diagnosed with a Stage 2, Grade 3, Breast Cancer in 2011 and had gone through a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation within a period of 6 months. A histopathology test called FISH, which determines the cells inclination to multiply also turned out positive. A drug callled, Herceptin, which reduced this problem was prescribed but was not taken due to its prohibitive cost. After doing a lot of online research, I learned that Curcumin which is an extract of Turmeric, has excellent anti-cancer properties. I purchased the Curcumin (BCM-95) from Arjuna Naturals in the beginning of 2012 for the first time and started consuming approximately 3gms a day and have continued taking till date. I had also enrolled in a protocol drug trial program which would supposedly prevent cancer from spreading to the bones. Due to this program, which is still running (till 2016), I used to get tested with CT Scans, Bone Scans annually and blood tests / physical exams quarterly. Till date, I am Cancer free, which I believe is primarily due to the ingestion of Curcumin (BCM-95) as well as diet and lifestyle change. Apart from BCM-95, I am also consuming, Boswellia Serrata extract (has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties), Pomegranate extract (Cardio Protect) which helps me maintain my vascular system and hence a normal blood pressure; Omega-3, Flax & Black Seed Oil (which keep my cholestrol levels in balance), DHA, Green Tea Extract, Ashwagandha (helps me remain calm and composed) & Amla Extract (a potent anti-oxidant), which are products of Arjuna Natural.

Dr.Pramod Kumar

Dear Sir,
I wish to inform you regarding your products. I used a joint rescue, gluco balance and daily defense, it had tremendous results to my patients. they are 100% satisfied and they are still using the products as the maintenance dose.I used joint rescue in R A, O A patients as recommended dose, that one in morning and one in evening but that time I didn’t get good results because they are chronic patients, but after our telephonic conversation I gave medicine in different dose two caps. thrice a day. after five days of medication, patients have good results. they feel relief in pain, reduce swelling in joints and increase mobility in joints then after I give one cap. thrice a day for 15 days. now I am giving medicine one cap. in the morning and one cap. in evening. I hope they will be cured in another two months. i gave gluco balance in 10 patients. in the starting, I prescribed one cap. thrice a day. after 10 day I prescribed 1 cap. twice a day. all of my patients are satisfied with gluco balance. now they have normal fasting blood sugar. 6 patients had more then 180 Blood Sugar Fasting and rest of the patients had 140 -170 blood sugar fasting.I want to say about daily defense also. when I prescribed in acid peptic disorder and gastric ulcer. I also had very good results.Diseased and healthy persons both feel increase stamina, vitality, and immunity. one colon cancer patient also has relief in pain and defecation.You are manufacturing very good products .there are no such products in the market. I don’t hesitate to inform that these products will go miles and will surpass alt he products of this category.
With regards

Sunil Kumar

Dear Mr. Paul
I am Sunil Kumar from Varanasi.i wish to congratulate you and your organization for bringing in products like gluco balance, daily defense, and joint rescue.I am glad to inform you that these products are giving response par excellence.i have advised my consumers to use these products in spite of the medicines they are taking and in response they have informed that they hope to give up their medicins to replace by cure garden products.at the moment,,it is not possible to claim how for the success rate will be achieved but hopes are live like anything.I once again congratulate you for this new launch and expect that you will bring in much more such products.
thank you with regards