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Omega-3 Management
Omega 3 fatty acids are known as the most essential fatty acids. ‘Essential’ means ‘must be ingested with food’ because body requires them to live but cannot synthesize from other fats or transfats.
Omegaflax is the richest, standardized vegetarian source of the Omega 3 parent fatty acid – Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA). Omega 3 fatty acids (ALA) and its metabolic derivatives EPA and DHA as been shown to have vital influence when it comes to the management of optimum health.
Active ingredients of Omegaflax (ALA) are capable of lowering cholesterol level and reducing platelet aggregation.
Active ingredients of Omegaflax (ALA and LA) are either directly incorporated or metabolized and EPA and DHA are employed at various stages and levels.
Omega 3 fatty acids when sufficiently available, can favorably modulate the cell membrane characteristics to reduce or inhibit silent inflammatory responses that play major roles in coronary artery diseases platelet aggregation, Arthritis and other inflammation associated disorders.
Omega 3 fatty acids in Omegaflax helps in the optimum development of brain, retina in the eyes, nervous system, spermatozoa etc. in particular.
Omega 3 fatty acids are of sublime significance as the dietary supplement for the essential fatty acids generally and particularly to pregnant women, nursing mothers, infants, children, arthritic patients, cardiac patients etc.
Recommended usage:
1 capsule thrice daily.
• 500mg hard gelatin capsules
• HDPE food grade bottle of 90s.