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Flax'N Black

Overall Health Management

In nutritional terms Essential means “must be supplemented through diet” because the body requires them but cannot synthesize from other fats or trans fats.
Flax’N Black offers the essential fatty acids from flax seed oil and black seed oil to supplement the much needed parent fatty acids of the omega 3-6-9 families, Alpha Linolenic acid, and oleic acid respectively.
Alpha Linolenic acid in flax seed oil, will get converted into and used by the body as EPA and DHA through Enzymatic metabolism. DHA plays vital roles in the development of Brain and Visual Activity, EPA plays vital role in modulating the cell membrane characteristics for enhanced and controlled immune response.
GLA and AA derived by the body form Linoleic acid play, equally important and vital roles in the development of the brain cells and in modulating and balancing the membrane characteristic for enhanced health. For healthy and advanced brain function DHA is highly recommended.
Cell membranes properly balanced with the Essential fatty acids act as a gate keeper to keep the Toxins out and to bring the nutrients in and thus performing the basics of nutrition.
Both flax seed oil and black seed oil have a vast array of physiological functions in addition to their essential fatty acid content. Twin pack Flax and Black is the ideal vegetarian supplement for obtaining the essentially Essential Fatty acids for the development of Brain and Visual Activity in children.
World over either AA or DHA or its pre cursors like Alpha Linolenic acid are supplemented in the infant formulas, as recommended by WHO.
Recommended usage:
1 soft gel each 3 times a day after food.
• 500mg hard gelatin capsules
• HDPE food grade bottle of 90s.